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Technician Training

We realize that time is precious in our industry, which is why before we start any training we prefer to do an assessment of technical knowledge in order to maximize learning potential. Our findings are that many technicians have different technical competences, so by starting each one at different stages of our program, it allows technicians with more experience and trade knowledge to spend necessary time on advanced portions while at the same time not leaving the less experienced technicians behind who require the basics in order to build a strong foundation.

Training Modules

Structural CSA-ANSI Standards

This 3-4 day interactive module is mandatory, as we review in detail the governing standards for aerial devices in Canada and the USA. The instructor will go through all roles and responsibilities of all parties, define and explain terms, and show examples so that all students not only understand, but can apply these standards to their everyday work. This module also tests knowledge of basic hydraulics which sets the starting point for the remainder of the training.
Training time: 24 hrs.
Cost: $1000.00 per student. *

Hydraulics One

This 2 day module creates the necessary foundation for troubleshooting hydraulic systems. We start with the lifeblood of the system: oil, and continue with the reservoir, filters, and types of pumps. Students will have hands on experience taking apart, inspecting, and assessing damage.
Training time: 16 hrs.
Cost: $750.00 per student

Hydraulics Two

This 2 day module continues to build the foundation started in module one. This module introduces technicians to types of hoses, valves, and troubleshooting techniques using a flow meter and pressure gauges. Once again, we are sure to give the students hands on experience with these items.
Training time: 16 hrs.
Cost: $750.00 per student

Hydraulics Three

This 2 day module is dedicated to one of the most important fundamentals of hydraulic system troubleshooting: Schematics. Technicians learn how to identify and read symbols, follow drawings, and make use of the schematic for troubleshooting.
Training time: 16 hrs.
Cost: $750.00 per student*

Hydraulics Four

The final 3 day module combines all the modules and brings hydraulic overload protection systems and troubleshooting to the forefront. Technicians will be given real life scenarios and using their new found knowledge, apply it to figure out the systems. After a final review, we then move on to the Canadian Utility Mechanic Certification test.
Training time: 16 hrs.
Cost: $750.00 per student*

Electrical One - Four

These new modules will focus on chassis and device integration, joystick controls, and truck electrical systems, and will also create the necessary foundation for electrical troubleshooting. Technology has made some major progress and these modules will be a necessity for technicians.
Coming soon!

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